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Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group Co-Chairs:

Laura Paine
Program Director
Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship
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Jim Paulson
Dairy and Grazing Consultant
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Lead Staff:

Jane Grimsbo Jewett


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Green Lands Blue Waters is a consortium of scientists, policy experts, farmers, and community organizers embracing the Green Lands Blue Waters vision and implementing programs that directly advance the consortium’s strategies and goals.

The goals are to enhance farm profitability, reduce farm risk, and improve environmental performance of farms through increasing the amount of acreage in Continuous Living Cover.

The strategies for accomplishing this include Agroforestry, Perennial Biofuels, Perennials for Livestock, Perennial Grains, and Cover Crops.



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April 12, 2017

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Dick Cates eye-to-eye with a steer
photo credit: Richard Cates

Upcoming Events

**More Event Listings**

June 24 - How to Build a Profitable Grass-Fed Beef Operation; Baraboo, WI

June 24 - Norsk Family Farm Day; Lena, WI

June 27 - Crow Wing River Forage Council Summer Tour; Bluffton, MN

June 27 - Greenhorn Grazing; Winterset, IA

June 27 - Pasture Walk, Heritage Livestock; Wausau, WI

June 28 - Twilight Pasture Walk: Grazing in the Red Cedar Watershed; Boyceville, WI

June 29 - Iowa Forage & Grassland Council Summer Bus Tour; Prairie City, IA

June 30 - Soil Health for Wildlife & Fisheries Managers with SFA Livestock Specialist Kent Solberg; Webinar

July 5-8 - Ian Mitchell-Innes Grazing Workshop; Fredericktown, OH

July 8 - Pasture layout and land conservation projects to move cattle to grazing acres; Black River Falls, WI

July 9 - Humanely Raised Pigs on Pasture; Lake City, MN

July 10 - Pasture Walk & Cover Crops; Cascade, IA

July 11 - Pasture Walk, Grafting Calves on to Nurse Cows; Athens, WI

July 11 - Pasture Walk: Lessons learned in starting a small beef cattle operation; Viroqua, WI

July 12 - Soil Health & Livestock Production; Lamberton, MN

July 12 - Organic Field Day: Beef and Dairy Grazing; Jefferson, WI

July 15 - Field Day at Singing Prairie Farm: Pastured Swine; La Plata, MO

July 17 - Organic Field Day: Grass-fed Beef and Pastured Hogs; Kiel, WI

July 20 - Pasture Walk & Cover Crops; Maquoketa, IA

July 21 - GrassWorks Annual Picnic; Cadott, WI

July 21-22 - Soil Master School; Dale, NE

July 25 - Pasture Walk: Fine Tuning pasture productivity with varied paddock breaks; Gays Mills, WI

July 25 - Pasture Walk: Grazing and Robotic Milking; Edgar, WI

July 27 - Pasture Walk & Cover Crops; Vinton, IA

Aug 1 - Greenhorn Grazing; Winterset, IA

Aug 3 - Utilizing Rotational Grazing to Improve Wildlife Habitat, Reduce Brush, Control Weeds, and Keep Cattle Productive; Portage County, WI

Aug 3 - Pasture Walk; Bedford, IA

Aug 8 - Pasture Walk: Pasture soil health, contract grazing, & grazing planning on a first year farm; Ferryville, WI

Aug 8-9 - "Dirt Rich" Soil Health Event; Faribault, MN

Aug 10 - Pope County Grazing Field Day; Starbuck, MN

Aug 10-11 - "Dirt Rich" Soil Health Event; Blue Earth, MN

Aug 12 - Grazing system establishment and dealing with excess flooding; River Falls, WI

Aug 14 - Grass-based Dairy Farming & Value-Added Cheese Production; Jewell, IA

Aug 17-18 - Grazing for the Future Conference; Madison, IN

Aug 19 - Lane improvements and organic dairy; Wilson, WI

Aug 22 - Pasture Walk: Conversion of cropland to pasture under the EQIP Pollinator program; Soldiers Grove, WI

Aug 22 - Greenhorn Grazing; Mt. Pleasant, IA

Aug 25 - Crow Wing River Forage Council Summer Tour; Staples, MN

Aug 29 - Beginning stages of converting row crops to grazing; Cornell, WI

Sept 8 - Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program and pasture layout improvements; Mason, WI

Sept 9 - Pasture Walk: Dairy Goat Production; Genoa, WI

Sept 19 - Pasture Walk: Shade options & methods, harvested sorghum, wood shaving bedding; Platteville, WI

Sept 23 - Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program and farm transition tips; Colfax, WI

Sept 26 - Greenhorn Grazing; Winterset, IA

Oct 10 - Pasture Walk: Stretching the pasture in late fall & early winter; Gays Mills, WI

Oct 24 - Pasture Walk: Reviewing 6 years of grazing management; Canton, MN

Oct 28 - Fall cover crops and how they fit in with a grazing operation; Colfax, WI

Nov 14 - Pasture Walk: Intro to Pasture Pork & Pastured Pork Cooperative; Viola, WI

Nov 14 - Greenhorn Grazing; Winterset, IA

Nov 28-29 - Green Lands Blue Waters 2017 Conference; Madison, WI

Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2018 - GrassWorks Conference; Wisconsin Dells, WI


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The Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group’s mission is to facilitate an increase in land used for pasture and perennial forage production in the Upper Midwest, and to improve the environmental performance of farming systems, while maintaining agricultural production and profitability.


New Resources

Posted June 22, 2017:

Grazing Educator Slide Library

slide image of soil loss under pasture vs. cropland

Posted May 31, 2017:


centipede image from NRCS Soil Biology Primer photo gallery

NRCS Soil Biology Primer Photo Gallery


SARE Cover Crop Image Library

SARE Cover Crop Image Library


SARE Soil Health Image Gallery

SARE Soil Health Image Gallery

Posted April 14, 2017:


Iowa State University pasture contract fact sheet


Minnesota Cropland Grazing Exchange

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Greenhorn Grazing Course Series from Iowa Beef Center

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Proceedings of 2017 Midwest Cover Crop Council Meeting

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Resources Archive

Don’t forget that we have the Grazing Educator Webinar Series from last summer available as a resource!