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Working Group Conference Calls:

Anyone can join the group's conference calls. Contact Jane Jewett at to be added to the e-mail list.

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Jane Grimsbo Jewett
218-670-0066 (cell)


In October 2011, Green Lands Blue Waters organized the Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group.

Grace Wilson provided administrative and technical support to this Working Group until July 2013, when she resigned to resume graduate studies.

Jane Jewett is currently providing staff support to the Working Group.


Posted January 6, 2020

GrassWorks conference 2020

Winter Grazing Farminar
from Practical Farmers of Iowa

Practical Farmers of Iowa Winter Grazing farminar

Bale Grazing Benefits & Outwintering
from Winona County MN SWCD

Bale Grazing and Outwintering Video from Winona County SWCD

SFA Soil Health Stories

Posted August 31, 2019


Register Now for 2019 Green Lands Blue Waters Conference

Green Lands Blue Waters 2019 Conference


Practical Farmers of Iowa Grazing Groups


Land Stewardship Project video


Sustainable Farming Association Dirt Rich

Posted July 31, 2019


cover image for PFI research report on grassfed beef characteristics


Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota Soil Health Network Events

SFA Soil Health Network Logo


Iowa Cow Calf Systems Report


Pasture Project Events

Pasture Project logo

Posted June 21, 2019


Awards Granted by Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group & Green Lands Blue Waters


Land Stewardship Project Renting it Out Right


SFA and DGA field days




Soil Superheroes

Soil Superheroes

Posted March 29, 2019


Midwest Soil Health Summit Videos

YouTube page for Midwest Soil Health Summit 2019


Agersens e-fence


PFI Farminar on fence and water systems

Posted February 4, 2019

Land Stewardship Project cow-calf grazing fact sheet cover page

Pasture Project, LSP, PFI, SFA project on cover crop grazing

Posted October 8, 2018

Register for:

Iowa Forage & Grassland Council Winter Connference

Ranching for Profit workshops with Dave Pratt

New fact sheets:

Contract grazing of cover crops factsheet

ISU grazing cereal rye fact sheet Iowa State Univ

Managing Cattle Health when Grazing Cover Crops Iowa State Univ fact sheet

Posted July 11, 2018


Adaptive Grazing Webinar Series

Pasture Project events page featuring webinars

Posted June 26, 2018


Dairy Grazing Field Days

Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group dairy page


Revised & Updated Pasture Management Guide

Iowa Beef Center logo


Bridge to Soil Health Full Time Position Available with Land Stewardship Project

Land Stewardship Project logo in landscape orientation

Posted May 21, 2018

How to Use a Grazing Stick

Posted May 1, 2018

MN Cropland Grazing Exchange
2018 Information
& Survey

Cropland Grazing Exchange

assistant professor job announcement for Center for Agroforestry

Posted April 9, 2018


PastureMap Webinar
April 24, 2:30 PM CDT

PastureMap screenshot


Impacts of soil carbon sequestration on life cycle greenhouse gas emissions in Midwestern USA beef finishing systems

Cow image from Michigan State University article on environmentally friendly cattle production


Livestock Offer Many Benefits to Cash Crop Operations

MOSES logo

Posted February 12, 2018


Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers logo
Pasture-Based Dairy & Livestock Online Course


Cornell grazing management course
Cornell University Grazing Management Course

Posted February 1, 2018


Economic Impact of Grazing Cover Crops in Cow-Calf Operations

cover image for Practical Farmers of Iowa research bulletin on grazing cover crops in cow-calf operations



Using Cattle & Cover Crops to Create Cash & Healthy Soil

YouTube video of Using cattle and cover crops to create cash and healthy soil from Land Stewardship Project


Posted December 6, 2017


Perennial Forage Session at Green Lands Blue Waters Conference

Cates Family Farm Presentation cover image     Claudia Berres Farm Presentation cover image

Posted October 31, 2017:


2017 Green Lands Blue Waters Conference, Nov. 28-29, Madison, WI

2017 GLBW conference web page screenshot


Soil Health, Water & Climate Change Guide

Soil Health, Water and Climate Change Pocket Guide from LSP

Posted October 3, 2017:


Landowners & producers interested in America's Grasslands Conference: travel scholarships are available. Deadline October 10.

America's Grasslands Conference

Posted August 28, 2017:


Minnesota Grazing School 2017


How to Build a Profitable Grass-fed Beef Operation
with Dr. Allen Williams

Allen Williams speaking in Sauk County, WI in summer 2017

Posted July 31, 2017:


Dirt Rich: Building Soil Health Experts Workshops

Allen Williams in field with shovel during Dirt Rich workshops


Farmer-to-Farmer Volunteer Opportunity with US-AID: Organic Forage Crops Farming Practices

US-AID image Farmer to Farmer program logo Land O Lakes international development wordmark

Posted June 22, 2017:

Grazing Educator Slide Library

slide image of soil loss under pasture vs. cropland

Posted May 31, 2017:


centipede image from NRCS Soil Biology Primer photo gallery

NRCS Soil Biology Primer Photo Gallery


SARE Cover Crop Image Library

SARE Cover Crop Image Library


SARE Soil Health Image Gallery

SARE Soil Health Image Gallery

Posted April 14, 2017:


Iowa State University pasture contract fact sheet


Minnesota Cropland Grazing Exchange

Minnesota Department of Agriculture logo


Greenhorn Grazing Course Series from Iowa Beef Center

Greenhorn Grazing course logo


Proceedings of 2017 Midwest Cover Crop Council Meeting

Midwest Cover Crops Council logo

Posted March 2, 2017:


Corn & Soybean Herbicides & Restrictions When Planting, Grazing or Feeding Cover Crops: 2 Fact Sheets

screenshot of Practical Farmers of Iowa corn herbicides and grazing restrictions fact sheet

screenshot of Practical Farmers of Iowa soybean herbicides and grazing restrictions fact sheet


2017 Illinois Grazing Planner

front cover image of 2017 Illinois grazing planner calendar

Posted January 25, 2017:


southeast MN Grazing Gazette front page


Land Stewardship Project Podcast: Soil and Survival

Allen Williams podcast about soil showing Haney test results on screen


Case Study: Learning Ways to Strengthen the Bottom Line

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship logo

Posted December 21, 2016:

Perennial Forage & Grazing Session at 2016 Green Lands Blue Waters conference

Patch-Burn Grazing Presentation 2016 GLBW conference

Silvopasture presentation from 2016 GLBW conference

Posted November 23, 2016:

GrassWorks Header
GrassWorks 25th annual conference notice

Southwest Badger RC & D logo
Southwest Badger RC & D Expands Services for Landowners

cover page of Plowprint Report from World Wildlife Fund
Grassland conversion to cropland in the Mississippi River Basin and Great Plains

Posted October 17, 2016:

Land Stewardship Project logo

Carbon, Cattle & Conservation Grazing

Posted October 11, 2016:

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship logo
Passing a Life's Work to a New Generation

Posted September 21, 2016:

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems logo
Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers Course Available Online


Practical Farmers of Iowa logo
Improving Cool-Season Pastures with Interseeding Annuals and Grazing, 2016 Research Update


Beginning Grazier Handbook image

Posted September 8, 2016:

Midwest Soil Health Summit logo
Midwest Soil Health Summit
Registration Open!
February 15-16, 2017

Posted August 1, 2016:

Crop Science Society of America logo

Yield and Soil Carbon Sequestration in Grazed Pastures Sown with Two or Five Forage Species


SFA Soil Health Fridge Magnet

SFA Soil Health Initiative


    Land Stewardship Project logo

Using Livestock Grazing to Help Prairies


Posted July 11, 2016:

Land Stewardship Project Cropping System Calculator image

Land Stewardship Project's Cropping Systems Calculator


Practical Farmers of Iowa logo

Improving Cool-Season Pastures with Interseeding Annuals and Grazing, Update 2016


Land Stewardship Project conservation leases web page image

Conservation Leases Web Page of Resources


Posted June 6, 2016:

GrassWorks website banner
Call for Presentations for the 2017 GrassWorks Conference


silvopasture image from Morning Ag Clips
Diomy Zamora’s Grazing in the Woods tour
Wednesday, June 22, 2016, from 5:00 PM till 8:00 PM


Iowa Beef Center logo
Iowa Beef Center’s Grassroots Grazing program

Don’t forget that we have the Grazing Educator Webinar Series from last summer available as a resource!