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Midwest Perennial Forage Working Group
Perennial Forage Resources

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Jane Grimsbo Jewett
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Forage Selector Tools

Cornell University has a web-based forage selector tool to help farmers choose the appropriate forage plants for their site.

Penn State also has a forage selector tool, where you can chose your soil type/land type by selecting a region on a map.

Grazing Planning Tools

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Conservation service (WI NRCS) has links to a variety of grazing planning tools, including a rotational grazing worksheet.

Grazing & Pasture Resources


Forages, Hay and Grazing
Iowa Beef Center

Improving IA grasslands with managed grazing, 5 case studies

Pasture Management Guide for Livestock Producers
Iowa State University Extension

Practical Farmers of Iowa Grazing Site

Iowa Forage & Grassland Council


Forage Resources
University of Kentucky


University of Minnesota Extension Forages Website

Minnesota Cropland Grazing Exchange


Forage Research and Extension page
University of Missouri

Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs
Missouri Alternatives Center

Management-Intensive Grazing: the grassroots of grass farming. Green Park Press. Gerrish, J. 2006.
*Book in print.


Wisconsin Grazing Activities Resource List, 2013
(PDF, 63 kb)
from Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, UW-Madison; and the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy Farmers

Grazing Resources & Research
University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension

Grazier's Notebook
University of Wisconsin Extension

Grazing Guide 2010.
* Book in print; partially available online.

Pastures for Profit: A Guide to Rotational Grazing (PDF)

Pastures of Plenty: Financial performance of Wisconsin grazing dairy farms. Kriegl, T. and R. McNair. February 2005. Madison: UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.