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Kernza/Intermediate Wheatgrass
2nd International Meeting


July 6 & 7, 2017
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN


The lively and well-attended 2017 Kernza® perennial grain meeting was co-hosted by The Land Institute and Green Lands Blue Waters. The two day meeting was held on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus, July 6th & 7th 2017.


Day one’s Research Meeting brought together an international group of researchers reporting on the latest in breeding and genomics, agronomics, ecosystem services, and food science. Breakout sessions dug deep into answering the question where should Kernza research head next. Research presentations and summaries from the day one break out session can be found below.


Day two’s Kernza® Commercialization Meeting brought the researchers together with a larger group of stakeholders interested in the development of Kernza. With an emphasis on value chains and commercialization, attendance (100+) included representatives of end users from small local businesses to multi-national corporations, farmers, funders, NGOs, state agencies, policy makers and others. This wide representation, coupled with attendance interest that exceeded space available, is a strong indicator of the enthusiasm around the potential for this new perennial grain crop. The day two summary and presentations are linked below.


Many thanks to local end users who highlighted Kernza products while hosting attendees for social events: Baker’s Field and The Food Building- with an opportunity to sample Long Root Ale, Birchwood Café for excellent catering and Dumpling & Strand noodles on the menu, Bang! Brewery for a great happy hour with Foxy Falafel’s food truck serving up Kernza tabouli paired with a refreshing Kernza Gold beer. All hints at a delicious future for Kernza.


2017 Kernza Meeting Agenda


Day 1 Research Meeting | Day 2 Commercialization Meeting | Session Summaries


Day 1 Research Presentations

cover image for Culman presentation on dual use of Kernza

Kernza Dual-Use = Double the Fun

Steve Culman and Jennie Pugliese (and many others)
School of Environment and Natural Resources
Ohio State University

cover image for Jungers presentation on ecosystem services from Kernza

Quantifying the Environmental Benefits of Kernza

Jacob Jungers
Research Assistant Professor
Dept. of Agronomy and Plant Genetics
University of Minnesota

cover image for Cattani presentation on Kernza breeding

University of Manitoba Intermediate Wheatgrass Breeding

Douglas J. Cattani
Agriculture and Food Sciences
University of Manitoba

cover image for DeHaan presentation on Kernza breeding

Kernza Breeding at The Land Institute

Lee DeHaan
The Land Institute
Salina, KS

cover image for Dorn presentation on Kernza genome sequencing

Kernza Genomics

Kevin Dorn
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kansas State University

cover image for Wayman presentation on farmer interest in Kernza

Perennial Grains at Cornell: Learning from and with farmers

Sandra Wayman
Eugene Law Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab
Cornell University

cover image for Ismail presentation on Kernza food science

Insights Into Kernza as a Potential Food Crop

Pam Ismail
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
University of Minnesota


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Day 2 Commercialization Meeting

cover image for Warner presentation on Kernza for wellheads

Kernza for Wellhead Protection

Richard Warner
Director, Green Lands Blue Waters
University of Minnesota

cover image for Plovgh presentation on Kernza market development

Supply, Demand, and Market Development for Kernza

Elizabeth Haucke

cover image for General Mills (Katrina Heinze) presentation on Kernza market development

Sustainability as a Market Driver

Katrina Heinze
General Mills

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Summary Notes from Breakout Sessions

Day 1: Agronomy Research Breakout


Day 1: Breeding Research Breakout


Day 1: Markets Research Breakout


Day 2: Commercialization 



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