Cover Crops Documents


Research Reports from USDA-ARS, National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment


Effectiveness of oat and rye cover crops in reducing nitrate losses in drainage water


Enhancing Nutrient Cycling by Coupling Cover Crops with Manure Injection


Are cover crops being used in the US corn belt


Winter Cover Crop Effects on Nitrate Leaching in Subsurface Drainage as Simulated by RZWQM-DSSAT


Cover crop effects on nitrous oxide emission from a manure-treated Mollisol


Rye Cover Crop and Gamagrass Strip Effects on NO3 Concentration and Load in Tile Drainage


Oxide Emissions from Corn-Soybean Systems in the Midwest


Potential and Limitations of Cover Crops, Living Mulches, and Perennials to Reduce Nutrient Losses to Water Sources from Agricultural Fields in the Upper Mississippi River Basin


Self-Seeded Cereal Cover Crop Effects on Interspecific Competition with Corn


Examining Changes in Soil Organic Carbon with Oat and Rye Cover Crops Using Terrain Covariates


Minimizing Interspecific Competition in Soybean by Optimizing Cover Crop Self-Seeding


Rye–Corn Silage Double-Cropping Reduces Corn Yield but Improves Environmental Impacts


Cover crop effects on the fate of N following soil application of swine manure


Establishment and Growth of Self-Seeded Winter Cereal Cover Crops in a Soybean--Corn Rotation


Oat and rye root decomposition effects on nitrogen mineralization


Cellulosic Biofuel Potential of a Winter Rye Double Crop across the U.S. Corn–Soybean Belt


Evaluating the potential use of winter cover crops in corn-soybean systems for sustainable co-production of food and fuel


Winter Cereal, Seeding Rate, and Intercrop Seeding Rate Effect on Red Clover Yield and Quality


Rye Cover Crop Management Affects Grain Yield in a Soybean-Corn Rotation


Living Mulch Forage Yield and Botanical Composition in a Corn-Soybean-Forage Rotation


Optimizing Seeding Rates for Winter Cereal Grains and Frost-Seeded Red Clover Intercrops


University of Minnesota document "Winter Cover Crops"

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