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Risk Management


More diverse cropping systems based on Continuous Living Cover reduce risks associated with weather, pests, and markets. The ongoing Midwest drought and torrential rain events of recent years remind us of the natural hazards faced by farmers.


Cropping systems that include Continuous Living Cover provide increased resilience against these erratic changes in weather. Healthier soils resulting from farming with Continuous Living Cover provide a less suitable habitat for some pests and more frequent crop rotations can reduce threats posed by crop-specific pests. Spreading risk among more crop types reduces market-specific risks to farms and farm communities. A greater diversity of crops can support more jobs on the farm, in rural communities, and with businesses all along supply and market value chains.


Productive Farming

Production of food, feed, fiber, fuel, and other bio-products are the core functions of farming and important goals of Green Lands Blue Waters.

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The Environmental Challenge

Societal choices made in our country’s food and agriculture systems have radically altered ecosystems across Midwestern landscapes.

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Farming with Environmental Benefits

Green Lands Blue Waters is about meeting the multiple challenges of agricultural production and environmental quality.

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Many Partners

Green Lands Blue Waters has formed a partnership of universities, producer associations, environment groups, agricultural businesses, and government agencies.

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