Continuous Living Cover Events Database


Green Lands Blue Waters has developed the Continuous Living Cover Events Database to track field days, workshops, and other educational events that deliver information directly to farmers about options and implementation of Continuous Living Cover practices. The Database will be a continual work in progress; we intend to seek out additional information on past events and also to add new listings on a monthly basis.

Have an Event to Add?

Form to Report a CLC Event

We'll be happy to add any events that meet the database criteria:

  1. Relevant to at least 1 of the 5 CLC Strategies

  2. Take place in IA, IL, MN, or WI

  3. Farmers are the primary audience

  4. Relevant to field-scale work (not yard, garden, or small-holding)



Questions, comments, want to submit an event without filling out the form? Contact Jane Jewett: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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DOWNLOAD the Green Lands Blue Waters Continuous Living Cover Events Database:
(Excel file, 893 kb)

Last updated: June 19, 2014



Database Report, May 2013 |  PDF, 198 kb

Database Report, October 2014   |   PDF, 269 kb


What can you do with the Continuous Living Cover Events Database?


We encourage you to download the database and use it to support your own work.  You can sort it as much as you want!  If you sort it into some kind of unresolvable mess, just re-download it from here and start again.


You can:


  • Track changes over time in the availability of training opportunities that promote Continuous Living Cover on the landscape.

  • Find out which watersheds, counties, or regions are having workshops and field days on particular topics.

  • Find information about event details:  description of topics covered; collaborating organizations, agencies, and businesses; contact information for the event organizers.

  • Find likely collaborators for your own events:  sort data to find out which organizations are most active in each Continuous Living Cover category, and what types of events they typically sponsor.


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