The Continuous Living Cover Manual was produced by Green Lands Blue Waters with support from a North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Grant (NCR-SARE PDP).



You are welcome to reproduce whole PDFs or any part of these document(s) for educational purposes.  Please credit either the original source or Green Lands Blue Waters and NCR-SARE.

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Continuous Living Cover Manual:

Cover Page






Continuous Living Cover Practices


Tools of the Trade


Prevent Gully Erosion






Cover Crops


Perennial Forage in the Crop Rotation


Integrating Livestock


Placement of Continuous Living Cover


Stacking Continuous Living Cover Strategies




Cultivating Leadership


Farmer Profile Library


Continuous Living Cover Funding Opportunities







Additional documents are recommended as supplements to the Manual, and are included here as links.  You can download, print, and use these documents as handouts, but please credit the source.


Additional Documents


Long-Term Effects of Crop Management: Yield

 2 pg PDF, 497 kb

Long-Term Effects of Crop Management: Soil Quality

 2 pg PDF, 439 kb

Long-Term Effects of Crop Management: Profitability

 2 pg PDF, 418 kb

Small Changes, Big Impacts: Prairie Conservation STRIPS

 4 pg PDF, 4.3 Mb

One-Page Infographic on STRIPS

 1 pg PDF, 170 kb

The Cost of Prairie Conservation STRIPS

 2 pg PDF, 137 kb

Practices to Improve Water Quality

 2 pg, PDF, 1.7 Mb

Energy and Economic Returns by Crop Rotation

 8 pg PDF, 577 kb

The Basics of Contract Grazing

 2 pg PDF, 568 kb

Evaluating Land Suitability for Grazing Cattle

 5 pg PDF, 808 kb

Pasture Rental and Lease Agreements

 3 pg PDF, 722 kb

Rates Charged for Contract Grazing Agreements

 3 pg PDF, 632 kb

Discovering Profits in Unlikely Places

 20 pg PDF, 4.0 Mb

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