The 2016 Green Lands Blue Waters Conference

November 29th & 30, 2016
Hosted by The Center for Agroforestry 
at the University of Missouri in Columbia 


Going Green with Conservation-Based Farming: Market-Based Approaches to Promote Soil Health and Water Quality

Conference Description

The 2016 Green Lands Blue Waters conference brings a market-based focus to complement innovative, science-based approaches to conservation of soil and water quality. Landowners react positively when their “bottom-line” is enhanced. Proven, market-based options, including cover crops and perennial-based practices (i.e., agroforestry, perennial grains, biomass, forages, and winter annuals) support the deployment of “continuous living cover,” and speak directly to the bottom line. Farmer-to-farmer strategies are required to scale up conservation for large scale impacts on soil and water quality.

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