2015 Green Lands
Blue Waters Conference

Bridges and Buffers, Farms and Cities:
Continuous Living Cover Farming Systems


Perennial Biomass Session

November 3, 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm -- Room 326


Perennial grasslands grown as dedicated bioenergy crops on marginal lands are a promising means for improving farm profitability, environmental quality, wildlife habitat and societal well-being. However, biomass market growth lags due to mismatch in demand and supply, and gaps between farmer experience in current production methods and the novel biomass production systems required for grass-based bioenergy. Because of excellent case studies of biomass/bioenergy success within the Midwest, our enthusiasm remains high for perennial biomass cropping and its promise as an important practice within the Continuous Living Cover approach. How can we improve the visibility of these success stories and emerging technologies as a means for reinvigorating public interest in biomass/bioenergy? What planning and education tools are available to help farmers and landowners who are already interested in perennial biomass? Does our group have a role in the quest to overcome market inertia? What opportunities exist to promote greater sustainability of current and future perennial biomass supply chains?

Join us and guests Eric Rund (Illinois Miscanthus farmer), Eric Giddens (University of Northern Iowa), Anna Claussen (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy), researchers at Midwest Land Grant Universities and others as we discuss case studies of successful bioenergy projects and development among emerging projects, technology and tools. Help us plan our agenda of action items for the next year+ and the priorities for promoting adoption of perennial biomass throughout the Midwest.


Hosted by the Perennial Biomass Working Group



Emily Heaton, Iowa State University
Steve John, Agricultural Watershed Institute
Carol Williams, Center for Agroforestry - University of Missouri
Eric Rund, Green Flame Energy
Eric Giddens, Tallgrass Prairie Center, Prairie Power Project
Anna Claussen, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

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