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Our Mission


The mission of Green Lands Blue Waters is to support the development of and transition to a new generation of multi-functional agricultural systems in the Mississippi River Basin and adjacent areas that integrate more perennial plants and other continuous living cover into the agricultural landscape. We aim to serve as a model of positive agricultural transformation that can inspire and inform agricultural stakeholders and practices across the nation.

What is Continuous Living Cover?

Farmers today are using many of the cropping systems we promote: pasture and forage crops for livestock; biomass energy crops; agroforestry practices as part of the cropping system; and long-term (multi-year) rotations that incorporate perennial crops and winter annuals with corn, soybean, small grains, vegetables, and other summer annual crops. Crops in rotation are increasingly planted to overlap in the field – two species growing in the same field at the same time. The integrated use of summer row crops, winter annual crops, and perennial crops can keep many farm fields covered and rooted in place continuously throughout the year. Read more about Continuous Living Cover


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