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Organizational Documents

Organizational Plan, 05/17/16

Program Logic Model, 05/17/16


Report to GLBW Steering Committee, January 2017

Report to GLBW Steering Committee, September 2017

Report on Website Use Statistics, 09/28/16

Report on Website Use Statistics, 06/15/16

Meeting Notes

In-person meeting; Decorah, IA; 04/23/18

Conference call, 8/16/17

In-person meeting; Decorah, IA; 04/12/17

Conference call, 01/10/17

Conference call, 10/05/16

Conference call, 07/06/16

In-person meeting; Decorah, IA; 05/03/16

Conference call, 01/25/16

Conference call, 10/14/15

Conference call, 09/08/15

In-person meeting; Decorah, IA; 04/07/15

Conference call, 02/09/15

Conference call, 09/30/14

Conference call, 09/23/14

Conference call, 07/16/14

Conference call, 04/29/14

GLBW 2013 Conference Session, 11/20/13

Conference call, 11/18/13

Conference call, 09/30/13

Conference call, 09/05/13

In-Person Meeting; LaCrosse, WI; 06/19/13


Grazing Education Webinars - with Pasture Project

Warren King presentation on Grazing Educator Webinars, 4/07/15

Results of Poll: Grazing Education Topics

Grazing Education conference call, 03/12/15

Grazing Education conference call, 02/25/15


Grazing Education Programs

DRAFT Spreadsheet from Pasture Project (Excel file .xlsx)


Grant Proposals

Extension Risk Management Education, 11/17/16

SARE R & E Pre-Proposal, 10/23/14

SARE R & E conference call, 09/02/14

SARE R & E Pre-Proposal, 10/22/13