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Continuous Living Cover Manual

Our CLC Manual was originally created in August, 2015 by a dedicated team of advisors, trainers, farmers, GLBW staff and others. Additional chapters have been added since.

Complete print-friendly PDF of 2015 edition (5.9 Mb)

Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents


Tools of the Trade

Prevent Gully Erosion

Continuous Living Cover Practices



Cover Crops

Perennial Forage in Crop Rotation

Integrating Livestock

Placement of Continuous Living Cover

Stacking Continuous Living Cover Strategies

EQIP and Continuous Living Cover

Cultivating Leadership

Farmer Profile Library

Continuous Living Cover Funding Opportunities

CLC Manual Bibliography

2016 Addition:

EQIP, CSP and CLC; Using Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) to advance Continuous Living Cover. 2016)

2017 Addition:

Strategies for Transforming Sensitive Lands and Marginally Productive Row Crops to Pasture or other Perennial Crops. (2017)

Farmer Profiles (2015)

Fred Abels

Mary Jo and Luverne Forbord

Tom and Irene Frantzen

John and Beverly Gilbert

Brad, Sue, and Andrew Johnson

Ted and Gretchen Johnson

Gene Schriefer

Kent and Linda Solberg

Tony Thompson and Sonya Buller

Jim and LeeAnn VanDerPol

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