2016 Green Lands
Blue Waters Conference

Going Green with Conservation-Based Farming:
Market Based Approaches to Promote Soil Health and Water Quality

Day 1 Plenary Session



slide from Bill Buckner presentation
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Opening Keynote: Why We Should Invest in Soil Health and Conservation in the U.S

Bill Buckner
President and CEO, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundations
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Day 2 Plenary Session


slide from Richard Warner presentation
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Green Lands Blue Waters Update

Richard Warner
Director,Green Lands Blue Waters
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slide from Rob Myers presentation
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Stacking Conservation Practices in Order to Maximize Ecosystem and Economic Benefits

Rob Myers,
PH.D.,University of Missouri and NCR-SARE
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slide from Sean McMahon presentation
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Closing Keynote: Public –Private Partnerships
to Improve Water Quality in Iowa and the Mississippi River Basin

Sean McMahon
Executive Director, Iowa Agricultural Water Alliance
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