2016 Green Lands
Blue Waters Conference

Perennial Grains


This breakout session focused on the perennial grain, Kernza, which is trademarked name of the perennial grain from the intermediate wheatgrass plant, trademarked by The Land Institute. Research on the grain is quickly evolving and market interest has been sparked. National brands with new Kernza products have driven a spike in media attention and local markets in the Midwest are encouraging interest from farmers, millers and local food businesses. We discussed challenges and opportunities in research and commercialization to keep the momentum around this new grain building. Workshop participants were invited to ask questions and widely discuss the future of perennial grains. 


slide from Lee Dehaan presentation
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Kernza and the Land Institute's Broader Perennial Vision; moving Kernza Forward Through Research and Commercialization

Lee DeHaan,
The Land Institute
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slide from Charles Frahm presentation
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Research Updates: Kernza and Ecosystem Services, and Kernza as a Dual- Purpose Crop for Grain and Forage Systems

Charles Frahm,
Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, University of Minnesota
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slide from Woody Woodruff presentation
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New Farmer Perspectives on Building Acreage and Markets in Illinois

Woody Woodruff,
Kernza Grower and Conservation Associate Illinois Stewardship Alliance
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