2014 Conference
Biomass & Sustainable Agriculture

Watersheds & Landscapes Session


cover image from Southern MN Multifunctional Landscapes presentation by Linda Meschke 2014 blank white space Adoption of Multifunctional Landscapes in South Central MN
PDF, 3.8 Mb
Linda Meschke
Rural Advantage
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cover image from Chippewa 10% Project presentation by George Boody 2014 blank white space The Chippewa 10% Project: Engaging farmers and landowners about profitable continuous living cover systems and community conservation
PDF, 5.6 Mb
George Boody
Land Stewardship Project
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cover image from Farmer-Led Watershed Councils presentation by Chad Ingels 2014 blank white space Farmer-Led Watershed Councils: Priming Individuals for Action
PDF, 5.1 Mb
Chad Ingels
Iowa State University Extension
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cover image from Multifunctional Landscapes presentation and mini-charette by Sarah Taylor Lovell 2014 blank white space Multifunctional Perennial Cropping Systems for Upper Sangamon River Watershed
PDF, 10.3 Mb
Sarah Taylor Lovell
Assistant Professor, Department of Crop Sciences
University of Illinois
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