Cross-Sector Collaborative Development of Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas Production and Ecological Restoration

Carol Williams
Wisconsin Energy Institute
University of Wisconsin
slide from Carol Williams poster (PDF, 131 kb)

The Case for Top-Down Watershed Management…with Landowners at the Top!

Karl Hakanson
Cannon River Watershed Partnership
Cannon River Watershed Partnership logo (PDF, 347 kb)

The Local Bioenergy Initiative: Perennial Biomass Crops in the Lake Decatur Watershed: Perennial Grasses for Bioenergy, Forage, and Clean Water in a Tile-Drained Landscape

Steve John
Agricultural Watersheds Institute
Lake Decatur Watershed Map (PDF, 245 kb)

Farmer/Landowner Engagement and Organizing in the Chippewa and Root River Watersheds: Achieving a healthy ecosystem in agricultural watersheds

Terry VanDerPol
Land Stewardship Project
Chippewa Watershed map of sub-basins (PDF, 244 kb)

The St. Croix Basin: Protecting an Incredible Resource

Monica Zachay
St. Croix River Association
St. Croix River Watershed Map (PDF, 476 kb)

Cultivating Farmer Leadership for Better Water Quality in the St. Croix River Basin

Julia Olmstead
University of Wisconsin Extension
Field Edge Monitoring Station (PDF, 2.2 Mb)

Research, Collaboration, and Outreach: Providing Water Quality Solutions in the Elm Creek Watershed

Joshua Gamble
C. Brooks
Dean Current
Chris Lenhart
J. Magner
University of Minnesota

Linda Meschke
Rural Advantage
Elm Creek Streambank Restoration (PDF, 2.4 Mb)

Hazelnuts: A New Crop for the Upper Midwest

Molly Kreiser
Lois Braun
Jerry Cohen
Don Wyse
University of Minnesota
American Hazelnut (PDF, 4.7 Mb)

Brokering Relationships Between Non-Farming Landowners And Livestock Producers to Increase Grasslands in the Upper Midwest

Cara Carper
Southwest Badger Resource Conservation & Development Council
Grazing Broker Venn Diagram (PDF, 836 kb)

Field Pennycress: A Weed-Suppressing Winter Annual Oilseed Cover Crop

Amanda Flipp
Kayla Altendorf
Kevin Anderson
Gregg Johnson
Jim Anderson
David Marks
Kevin Betts
Donald Wyse
University of Minnesota
Pennycress plot in bloom (PDF, 836 kb)

Boone River Watershed: Strategic Partnerships, Multiple Benefits, and Getting to Scale

Eileen Bader
The Nature Conservancy
Boone River Watershed Map (PDF, 177 kb)

Protecting Sensitive Areas and Productive Lands Through Managed Grazing and Cover Crops in the Root River Watershed

Dean Thomas
Donna Rasmussen
Fillmore County, MN Soil & Water Conservation District
Root River Watershed Map (PDF, 449 kb)

Minnesota's DRAFT Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Wayne Anderson
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Image from Minnesota Nutrient Reduction Strategy poster JPEG (.jpg, 112 kb)

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