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Getting the Full Value from Agriculture

Green Lands Blue Waters is a vision for productive, profitable agriculture in the Upper Midwest based on the straightforward concept of getting as much value as possible from farmlands by growing crops that keep the soil covered year round – what we call farming with Continuous Living Cover. The values from the crops we promote can be measured in yields and farm profits; but also as reduced risk, improved outlook for long-term productivity from the soil, more jobs, more wildlife, cleaner water and resiliency in the face of a changing climate.

Many Partners

To get Continuous Living Cover cropping systems on the land, Green Lands Blue Waters works with a wide network of partners that includes universities, producer associations, environment groups, businesses and nonprofits, and government agencies. Together we are improving the genetics of old and new crops, conducting essential research, helping translate knowledge into Continuous Living Cover cropping systems through our training programs, building new extension and outreach capacity, directly assisting farmers, and building profitable markets for new crops. With farmers, businesses, policy-makers and regulators we are demonstrating the economic and environmental benefits of farming with Continuous Living Cover, and creating an environment where these new crops are competitive and profitable from the farmstead to global markets.

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